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JoyGolf Home Installation – What You Need to Know

Thinking about having a JoyGolf Simulator installed in your home? Awesome! Our installation team is ready and able to complete the job. But first, we have just a few requirements and suggestions.

JoyGolf requires a minimum ceiling height of 9.5 feet to allow room for our overhead high-speed camera sensor for completing analytics and plotting shot trajectory, which requires a minimum installation height of 9 feet above the hitting point. Some people dedicate a section of their garage for the Simulator, others prefer to use an empty room. JoyGolf suggests a dedicated room.

JoyGolf requires a space width of 16-17 feet to be configured for either a right or left-handed golfer. Add another five feet if you would like your simulator to be configured for both. That would require a total of 21-22 feet.

Access to power is also important. Standard ac outlets will be needed for the overhead sensor and projector plus some additional outlets at floor level for main computer and cameras. The installation includes a walled enclosure, serving both as protection as well as providing optimal lighting contrast. JoyGolf is usually used in an environment with little ambient light. Direct sunlight is discouraged, as it can interfere with the infrared waves from the sensor.

We handle everything. After contacting JoyGolf, our trained rep and golf pro will visit your residence and figure out exactly what needs to be done. Options will also be discussed. Even though JoyGolf provides a complete turnkey Simulation, upgrading to a laser projection for a sharper, brighter image (3000-4000 lumens from standard 2,000 lumens) can be done. Software updates are performed remotely and automatically. Everything else is provided.

The installation process can be done in as little as two weeks from start to finish. If you are interested in an advanced technology golf simulator for your home, contact us today.