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The JoyGolf Simulator offers an immersive and customizable golfing experience. With lifelike visuals and realistic physics, it transports players to world-renowned courses with astonishing accuracy. The advanced motion-tracking system captures precise movements, providing valuable feedback for improvement. Customizable features allow for adjusting course conditions to desired difficulty levels. The simulator also enables multiplayer matches and virtual tournaments, fostering a vibrant golfing community. Rain or shine, players can enjoy the joy of golfing anytime.

How to Understand the Launch Monitor Data

JoyGolf Swing Analysis Metrics

  • Apex Height
  • Club Path
  • Shot Deviation
  • Total Distance
  • Carry (Yard)
  • Run (Yard)
  • Club spd (mph)
  • Shot Deviation
  • Ball spd (mph)
  • Launch Angle
  • Deviation (Yard)
  • Azimuth (=Horizontal Launch Angle)
  • Back spin (=RPM)
  • Side spin

Everything you need is included

  • W11.5′ x H9.5′ x D20′ play area
  • Master computer with over 100+ world class golf courses
  • Integrated overhead high-speed camera sensor
  • 2 hi-rez video cameras
  • Hi resolution video projector
  • High impact screen

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