JoyGolf Swing Analysis Technology

The best part of JoyGolf’s SmartPlus+ system is our unobtrusive tracking technology.

Want to know more about your form? Two cameras have you covered for face-on and down-the-line views.

Club speed? Ball speed? Check. Launch angle, carry distance, back and side spin, all plotted after each shot.

View your club face and path right before and throughout the impact zone.

Three levels of accuracy: pro, amateur and beginner. Take your pick.

JoyGolf Software

JoyGolf’s Swing Analytics gives you a deeper dive into your game. Practice mode is amazing. Start on the driving range, end on the putting green. Fix problem areas of your game. 100+ golf courses included.

Practice Mode

You can choose from four options: a driving range to work on your swing, a short range to get dialed in on those awkward distance wedge shots, a chipping green for your short game, and a green for putting.

Real-Time Feedback

Hit the ball into the impact screen, follow your ball flying down the course in an instant.

Golf Courses

A selection of over 100 real life courses to choose from. Play in various formats (stroke play, match play, and skins). No subscription necessary.