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JoyGolf Simulator Packed with Exclusive Features

The JoyGolf Simulator offers advanced features not found on other simulators, no matter the price point.

Some noteworthy benefits of JoyGolf can be found in the Analytics. Cameras front and rear, combined with an amazing overhead high-speed sensor, gives golfers insights into their swing. Swing speed, distance, spin rate, among other metrics are all calculated and captured by the sensor. The two cameras give the golfer the opportunity to review their swing after each shot, providing both face-on and down-the-line feedback. Slow motion and other tools are also available to help analyze their swing.

Spin rate is especially important, revealing a hook or slice common to amateurs. Low angle of attack usually means poor contact made with the ball. JoyGolf’s advanced Analytics helps golfers to quickly improve their swing by letting them see and understand exactly what is happening after each shot.

Owing to their robust construction and reliability, many JoyGolf Simulators are found in commercial establishments such as sports bars. Up to six players can play the JoyGolf Simulator, picking from over 100+ course offerings. Groups can choose to play stroke play or match play formats. Either way, players have lots of competitive fun while improving their game.

Arguably the best feature of JoyGolf, and one not offered on other simulators, is the golfer’s ability to easily set up any shot, anywhere on the golf course. JoyGolf’s software allows players a birds-eye view of many courses, allowing one to point and click anywhere on a course to work on problem areas. Having trouble with drives when there’s water on the left? Feel overwhelmed anytime you find yourself in a bunker? Not confident in your distance control on those awkward-distance wedge shots? JoyGolf has you covered. The Simulator allows you to set up and replicate the shots one finds most challenging.

Some experts believe the hardest shot is the first tee shot of the day. Others believe it’s a long 40 yard shot out of a deep bunker. With JoyGolf, you set the parameters of the experience, even weather conditions. Want to practice long iron shots into a stiff wind? Or pitch from thick grass to a downward sloping green in the rain? How about driving through a narrow avenue of trees or what looks like an easy four-foot putt? Then there’s some golfer’s greatest fear, the par-3 over a water hazard. Whatever the challenge, JoyGolf lets you practice whatever you want, as many times as you want, to get better at the game you love.