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JoyGolf Smart Plus Simulator Now in US

Laguna Niguel, California — JoyGolf, the #1 Golf Simulator in Japan, is now available for both residential and commercial installations here in the US.

JoyGolf’s latest SmartPlus simulator is designed for pros and serious amateurs, but also features more forgiving modes of play for beginners.

Key to JoyGolf is its unobtrusive tracking and swing analysis technology. No special clubs, balls, launch monitors or carpet pads required. Our overhead infrared technology takes care of all simulator measurements, while two video cameras allow the option for slow motion analysis after each shot.

Simply select a club and position your ball. A pleasant tone tells you the computer and sensors are ready. Swing away and see you shot bound down the fairway in real time. Analyze your swing now or later in the round. Just want to practice. Go to the simulator driving range and hit a bucket of balls. Or, just practice putting, adjusting the terrain of the green to improve your short game.

You can configure JoyGolf to play solo or gather up your friends to engage in a competitive foursome. The simulator’s commercial-grade components can be installed in a residence or in a sports bar.

No matter what, with JoyGolf’s latest simulator, your game will get better.