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Put JoyGolf Simulator Into Your Commercial Establishment

There are numerous reasons to put a JoyGolf simulator in your establishment. Golf simulators bring a fun ambience to your place for a small initial investment. Installing a JoyGolf simulator allows you to organize special events in a unique way that your competition can’t match. The result is increased business and revenue.

Patrons love showing their skills off and the resulting repeat business created by friendly competition is what every owner is looking for. Whether watching or participating, a golf simulator brings together friends and family over food and drink. The result is a consistent revenue stream and another way to go from just watching TV to a participatory experience.

With all that in mind, what does it take to install JoyGolf into your sports bar or facility? First, you want to figure out how many “booths” you want in your space. You might need a contractor to figure out the floor plan. JoyGolf installers can help with that too. Each booth needs to be twelve feet wide (to handle both right and left-handed golfers. A ceiling ten feet high is needed to accommodate a full golf swing. You’ll need room for a couch to sit on and table for food and beverages, plus some walking space behind the action. Make it comfortable, make it fun and the customers will come.

Power for the touch screen computer, overhead sensor, cameras and projector usually aren’t a big problem because JoyGolf simulators do not need any special power requirements. Since most people won’t bring their own golf equipment, make sure you have some clubs on hand to rent. An assortment of drivers, irons, putters and balls will do just fine. Customers can be charged by the hour, and you can even offer memberships at off hours to encourage additional practice.

One of the cool things about JoyGolf is the ability to lease the simulators over a period of five years. After that, each booth becomes a pure profit center. From installation to final equipment adjustment, JoyGolf is with you every step of the way. To discuss the possibilities and start the installation process, contact us today.